Heating & Cooking Pellets


At Modern rentals we carry Marth Fuel Pellets in Softwood and Hardwood varieties. These are high BTU, low ash heating pellets manufactured right here in Wisconsin. Sold by the bag or full pallet.



Modern Rentals carries Lumber Jack Grilling Pellets in a variety of flavors.

  • Blend MHC Competition – 1/3rd Maple-1/3rd Hickory-1/3rd Cherry. Fine blend of maple smoke flavor with a tinge of fruity flavor and touched off with a hint of hickory.
  • Fruitwood Blend – Mild sweet fruity wild cherry and apple
  • Hickory Blend – 60% Red Oak-40% Hickory. Bacon-flavor hickory smoked ham flavor
  • Mesquite Blend – 60% Red Oak-40% Mesquite. Strong spicy, Southwest cooking favorite
  • Cherry 100% – Mild Sweet fruity that gives a rose color to meats

If you’re ready to take your grilling to the next level, stop in and talk to Craig. We sell Lumber Jack Grilling Pellets because we use them and know how well they work!