At Modern Rentals we have all the equipment to help with jobs around the house. Big jobs to small, construction to cleanup we have it all. Here are a few examples:

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners
Clean up indoors with a carpet cleaner. At just $23 a day and about $7 for cleaning solution carpet cleaners are an inexpensive and effective way to freshen up your carpets.

Pressure Washers
Clean the siding, deck, car or driveway with a gas or electric powered pressure washer. Pressure washers use high pressure water to blast away dirt, grime, moss, or loose paint. For about $50 a day, you can blast through your cleaning chores with one of these machines.

Drain Snakes
Got a drain that won’t drain? Rent a drain cleanout snake and have the “stuff” going where it’s supposed to go . . . down the drain. We have drain snakes that work for everything from toilets to the sewer line, rent it for a day, but we don’t think you’ll even need it that long.

Tree Trimmingbroom4
Trees sure grow fast. Trim them back with any or all of these great rental items. Power pruners (a.k.a. pole saws) are a handy way to reach branches up to 20’ up. They have a small engine at one end and a small chainsaw at the other. One person can do a lot of trimming with no ladders required for less than $50 a day. If you need to get higher up, we have man lifts that can reach as high as 60’. Combine a lift with rental chainsaw and you are a one person tree trimming machine. And once you’ve got all those branches on the ground, grind them up into a homemade mulch with our brush chippers. Our brush chippers handle up to 12” diameter material and are self-feeding for safe operation.

Our sweepers help you remove sticks, stones, dirt and many other materials from a variety of surfaces including grass and asphalt.

Keep checking back for a complete list of rental equipment and project ideas.