Landscape Materials

Modern Rentals stocks a wide selection of mulch for your landscaping needs. We have Twice Processed Hardwoodgold mulch Bark mulch. This is a natural product that has been shredded and has a course consistency. We also carry Cedar mulch which has a natural ability to repel certain insects, plus it smells good! We also have colored wood chip mulches that are offered in Red, Chocolate, Black and Gold. All these mulches will help retain moisture in your flower beds and help keep the weeds down. Bring your truck or trailer, we sell mulch by the yard. Don’t worry if you have no way to haul it, we offer delivery service.

20170426_154619Modern Rentals also offers shredded topsoil. We have a dirt shredder and process our own material. This allows us to blend materials so that the finished product is free of clumps and debris and has the consistency you’re looking for. If you need seed, fertilizer or erosion control products to finish your project then we can supply that as well in the form of Seed Aide mulch pellets, straw blanket or bales of straw. If you have a large area to cover with straw then consider renting our straw blower.

We also stock mason sand, road gravel, clear and washed stone.





 natural 20170526_115813   Natural mulch is a twice processed hardwood bark mulch and is our most popular mulch. $25/yard.


cedar   Cedar mulch smells great and has a natural resistance to some insects. $45/yard.


black   Black mulch is a dyed wood product. $40/yard.


gold   Gold mulch is a dyed wood product. $40/yard.


chocolate   Chocolate mulch is a dyed wood product. $40/yard.


red   Red mulch is a dyed wood product. $40/yard.


american heritage   American Heritage is a locally sourced washed stone with a touch of color. $65/yard.


red wrotten   Red Rotten Granite is used as a decorative stone in beds and walking paths. $85/yard.

 Black Rotten Granite is a decorative stone sized at 1 1/4″ . $85/yard

road gravel   3/4″ Road Gravel is common driveway stone and packs well. $20/yard.


clear stone   3/4″ Clear stone has no fines. $20/yard.


screenings   Screenings are 3/8″ and smaller stones that pack well and are usually used under patio and paver projects. $40/yard.


pea gravel   Pea Gravel is 3/8 stone with no fines. $35/yard.


mason sand   Mason sand. $30/yard.


How much do I need? This simple formula has worked well for us.

Length (in feet) X Width (in feet) X Depth (in inches) / 324= Cubic Yards

Example: 20 feet long times 10 feet wide times 3 inches deep.

20 times 10 =200

200 times 3 =600

600 divided by 324 = 1.85 cubic yards needed. Add 20% for compaction when calculating topsoil.