Husqvarna Automower

 Take your weekends back and get a perfect lawn 24/7.  Introduced in 1995, the Husqvarna Automower isn’t just some new fad, this is a high tech robotic lawn mower that has been refined for decades. With over a million units sold its the worlds best selling robotic lawn mower. Modern Rentals is thrilled to be able to offer you this time saving device.

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 The Husqvarna Automower gives you a carpet like lawn by maintaining your grass rather than mowing it. The idea is simple. The Automower cuts just a little bit of the grass blade at a time, all the time. This gives you a freshly cut looking lawn every day, not just once a week like traditional methods. The Automower is small and lightweight so it doesn’t leave stripes and tire marks like tractors do. The result is an even carpet like appearance.


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 The Husqvarna Automower is a fully automatic system that mows until the battery is low then finds its way back to the charging station. Once charged it will return to work based on the schedule you have set for it. Don’t worry about the forecast, Automower can operate in the rain and because its only cutting a little bit of grass blade at a time it doesn’t leave clumps like a traditional mower. Another advantage of those little clippings is that they break down faster and don’t create a deep thatch layer in your lawn.


This is one of the three razor blades that will be cutting your grass. The blades can swing away if the mower runs over an object.

 So how does it work? The mower needs a centrally located place for its charging station that has 120 volt ac power. From there a low voltage signal wire is laid out creating a boundary that the mower will operate in. This usually just follows your lot line around the property, house and drive. This wire can be trenched in or stapled right to the surface. Most installs aren’t too complicated but some could involve crossing sidewalks or driveways, adding to the complexity of the install. Modern Rentals has done many installs and we know how to handle these situations. We can do the install for an additional fee or we can rent you the equipment, and sell you the wire and supplies needed. 

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 Once the wire is installed the mower just randomly bounces around inside that “loop”. This random pattern is what contributes to the even carpet like appearance but saying its random is not completely accurate. Most models are GPS assisted and map out your property. The mower spends more or less time in certain areas based upon how much resistance the cutting blade feels. The mower doesn’t always start in one spot and continue in the same pattern. It mows areas based upon grass length and how long its been since it last mowed those spots. Of course all this high tech software can be over ridden and you can send the machine into whatever area of the lawn you wish on whatever schedule you wish.

 Automower can handle hills, slopes and uneven lawns with ease and it won’t scalp when it crests a hill. What it doesn’t do well is deal with small holes in the yard and those will have to be filled in so the machine won’t get stuck. Other objects in the yard can be wired off by creating “islands” that the mower won’t go into. Solid objects in the yard like trees or sheds can just be left for the mower to “bump and run”.

 Who watches it when I’m not home? The mower works on its own and no intervention is required unless it runs into some kind of problem. As far as theft protection goes, the mower has an alarm that goes off if lifted. Most units also come with the ability to monitor them from your phone. Just download the Automower Connect app to your phone and sync with the mower. You now have the ability to control settings from your phone like cutting height and scheduling.

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 The above screen shots show you the dashboard which includes the mowers status (mowing, charging, parked), battery state of charge and cutting height. The unit can be parked or sent out and most settings available on the machine can be done from a settings menu on your phone. The map feature shows you where the unit has been and where it is now. This feature allows you to track the machine if its stolen. The Geofence feature also pings your phone with the units location if it ever leaves its boundary area. BTW, besides the alarm that sounds if lifted, the mower is pin protected so stolen units can’t be put into operation anywhere else.

 Traditional mowers need a lot of maintenance. Parts, oil, filters, sharpening blades, flat tires and hauling cans of fuel are all a thing of the past with Automower which only requires periodic cleaning and razor blade changes. Speaking of fuel, Automower uses about the same cost in electricity per month as a gallon of premium gasoline costs.

 Another nice feature of the Automower is the fact that it runs almost silent. This makes it ideal for office settings or night time use where you don’t want the noise of a traditional lawn mower. This almost silent operation allows you to take advantage of its programmability up to 24/7.

 The Husqvarna Automower is truly a time saving device. If you’re interested in spending more time with your family or out on the lake fishing and less time dealing with yard work then stop by Modern Rentals and talk to Craig or Scott. We’re excited about these machines and will be happy to show you the one we have running here in the yard.

For more info, pricing and model comparison check out the Husqvarna Automower web site.

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