Tension Tents

60'x40' Tension With Entrance and 20'x20' Catering TentTension tents are much like a pole tent in their construction.  They are supported by one or more center poles down the center of the tent.  The edge of the tent has shorter poles connected by ropes to stakes driven into the ground around the perimeter.  Tension tents are also similar to pole tents in that they have the ability to be installed on grass, blacktop, or concrete by drilling into these surfaces.  Blacktop and concrete setups come at an additional charge.  A great choice for weddings, high end parties, or any event requiring a more majestic presentation than a pole tent provides.  Side curtains are also available to close off the perimeter of the tent to protect from the elements and provide a sealed, finished look.

*Please note, side curtains are not included with the tent rental and are an additional charge

Nelson_Wedding 020

                                   20′ Wide Tension Tents

20’x40′ White Tension Tent    *Max Seating 80 People       $300.00         Interior Picture       Exterior Picture      Schematic Picture


                                     60′ Wide Tension Tents

60’x40′ White Tension Tent    *Max Seating 240 People  $1,200.00         Interior Picture       Exterior Picture      Schematic Picture 

60’x60′ White Tension Tent    *Max Seating 360 People  $1,800.00         Interior Picture       Exterior Picture      Schematic Picture

60’x80′ White Tension Tent    *Max Seating 480 People  $2,400.00         Interior Picture       Exterior Picture      Schematic Picture


*Additional tension tent sizes available upon request