Canopy Tents

Mostly used for graduations, birthday parties, and backyard events, these tents are ideal for the party on a budget.  Smaller and lighter than their big brother, the pole tents, canopy tents break down small enough to fit into the back seat of a car.  With installation instructions included, you can setup your own tent in about 30 to 45 minutes.  (Please note, Modern Rentals does not provide setup for canopy tents.)  Side curtains are also compatible with canopy tents to close off the perimeter of the tent to protect from the elements and provide a sealed, finished look.

*Please note, side curtains are not included with the tent rental and are an additional charge

Generic Canopy Exterior


                                  20′ Wide Canopy Tents


20’x20′ Canopy Tent    *Max Seating 40 People                  $125.00                Red & White or Green & White Colors Available                           Interior Picture       Exterior Picture      Schematic Picture

20’x30′ Canopy Tent    *Max Seating 60 People                  $150.00         Red & White, Green & White, or All White Colors Available                 Interior Picture       Exterior Picture      Schematic Picture

20’x40′ Canopy Tent    *Max Seating 80 People                  $170.00                                Green & White Color Available                                       Interior Picture       Exterior Picture      Schematic Picture