Don’t let the weather get the best of your outdoor event or wedding.  At Modern Rentals we pride ourselves in keeping an inventory that is clean and in good condition.  We know that all the options in tents can be confusing.  To help you decide what size tent you need, we list the number of people that each tent will seat at rectangle tables.  If you will be using round tables, you will need a slightly larger tent.  If you will only be seating people for a ceremony or simply need standing room, you will need a smaller tent.  (Don’t forget to add extra space for dance floors, bars, ect.)  Once you have determined the size tent you will need, read about each tent and select the style that fits you best.  If you feel lost, just give us a call at 920-896-5300 and we can help you pick the right tent for your party.


Tension Tents


Tension tents offer an elegant peak Generic Tension Exteriorprofile for events that require a more glamorous, upscale appearance.  The high peaks of tension tents provide a lofty ceiling that helps to make the event feel very grand and spacious.  A great choice for weddings, high end parties, or any event requiring a more majestic presentation.  Please see our Tension Tent Page for more information.


Pole Tents

Pole tents are the traWhite Wedding Tent Resizedditional style of tent that traces its roots back to the large circus tents everyone is familiar with.  With simple lines, the pole tent is ideal for almost any occasion.  Great for large festivals or corporate events, yet graceful enough for a formal wedding.  When paired with a tent liner, pole tents will have any guest in awe.  The adaptability of pole tents makes them one of the most cost effective tent styles for larger events.  Please see our Pole Tent Page for more information. 


Frame Tents

When 30' Wide Frame Generic Exteriorlooking for an alternative to a pole tent, frame tents are the perfect option.  Frame tents do not use any center poles, leaving the interior completely unobstructed for your event.  The unique design of a frame tent also allows it to be placed in areas that pole and tension tents can’t.  Frame tents are great for a covered wedding ceremony, catering tent, graduation party, or any other backyard event.  Please see our Frame Tent Page for more information.


Marquee Tents

10'x10' Entrance TentMarquee tents are a style of frame tent that has been adapted for use in conjunction with other tents.  These tents have the ability to connect tightly to another tent, providing guests with a seamless entrance to a larger tent or a covered walkway between tents.  Please see our Marquee Tent Page for more information.




Canopy Tents

Generic Canopy ExteriorThe perfect choice for the person looking to set up their own tent.  Canopy tents are the same basic design as pole tents just smaller and lighter.  Graduations, birthday parties, and smaller backyard events are all great uses for canopy tents.  Please see our Canopy Tent Page for more information.