Tent Accessories

Wedding Tent Interior 1 ResizedModern Rentals has several items to add to your tent or event.  Whether your need is for heating and cooling, wedding items, portable restrooms or anywhere in between, we have the products to personalize your event the way you desire.

           Multi Tent Setup 1 Resized   


                                            Tent Sidewall

Tent sidewall is a great way to block the wind and rain from influencing the event under your tent.  Sidewall are available in 20′ lengths in solid green, solid white, or white with a cathedral style window.

Green Solid Sidewall                                                              $15.00  White Solid Sidewall                                                               $20.00  White Window Sidewall                                                          $30.00

                                              Tent Liner

Most commonly used for weddings, the tent liner is a great option when you are looking to dress up the interior of the tent.  Used in conjunction with lighting, the liner gives a feeling close to that of being under the stars.

                             Click Here for Tent Liner Pictures

40’x40′ Liner                                                                          $900.00  40’x60′ Liner                                                                       $1,200.00 40’x80′ Liner                                                                       $1,500.00  40’x100′ Liner                                                                     $1,800.00


Lighting can be both an elegant feature and a functional necessity.  We have multiple styles to choose from depending on what your event requires.  Whether it be for providing much needed light or primarily decorative, don’t let your event get caught in the dark.

Rope Lights                                                   $0.75 Per Linear Foot  Twinkle Lights                                               $0.75 Per Linear Foot  Chandeliers                                                                   $100.00 Each           *5 Light and 9 Light Sizes Available                                    Can Lights                                                                     $50.00 Each


Available in 4’x4′ and 4’x2′ pieces to make sizes as small as 4’x2′ all the way up to 28’x32′ or larger upon request.  Stage is an easy way to highlight your wedding head table or make your band the center of attention.  Stage can be set at any height from 4″ to 36″.  We also offer stairs, safety rails, decorative coverings, and skirting to dress up your stage.

Staging, installed                                         $1.20 Per Square Foot Black Skirting, 12″ Tall, 10′ Long                                   $6.00 Each Black Skirting, 24″ Tall, 10′ Long                                     $12.00 Each

                                            Dance Floor

Whether it be a wedding or just a backyard party, no event is complete without a dance floor to celebrate on.  We can provide a dance floor for inside a building, under a tent, or under the stars.  Available in 3’x3′ pieces to make sizes from 3’x3′ up to 24’x27′ or larger upon request.

Cherry Hardwood Dance Floor                   $1.30 Per Square Foot               *Only available in a building or under a tent, cant be                            exposed to moisture                                                       Light Maple Laminate Dance Floor           $1.30 Per Square Foot                *Available in a building, under a tent, or uncovered outdoors


We have many different table and chair options to accommodate any type or style of event.  Please see our Table/Chair page for more details. 


Temperature can be a difficulty when planning an outdoor event.  For the warm summers, we offer fans to help cool and circulate the air under a tent so your guests feel more comfortable.  When the weather turns more frigid, we have patio heaters and forced air tent heaters to keep your guests warm.

30″ Pedestal Fan                                                            $40.00 Each  36″ Barn Fan                                                                  $40.00 Each  Patio Heater                                                                   $50.00 Each       *LP Additional                                                                            Tent Heater                                                                    $85.00 Each       *LP Additional

                                       Portable Restrooms

Modern Rentals has portable restrooms for your event.  Our restrooms come complete with a built in sink, soap dispenser, paper towels, four rolls of toilet paper, and a garbage can.

Portable Restroom                                                          $95.00 Each

                                         Specialty Items

We have many other items to add to your event.  Please see our Specialty Items page for more information.