Specialty Items

Modern Rentals has many specialty items that can take a good event and make it great.  Whether it be for providing power, keeping food and beverage cool, or keeping the kids entertained we have the items to make your event flow smoothly.

Both Arches With Plant Stands 1 ResizedHonda and Kohler Generator 1 Resized 


                                                Audio System

If you need to give a speech or presentation in an unconventional location, our portable audio system is the perfect item for you.  Includes 1-100 watt amplifier, 4-Microphone inputs, 1-RCA (2 Channel) Input, 2-100 watt (Peak Speakers).

Audio System                                                               1 Day $65.00                                                                                         2 Day $85.00                                                                                     1 Week $135.00

                                              Bounce House

A great addition to any festival or birthday party, a bounce house is always the highlight for the kids.  Requiring a 14’x14’x14′ area, a bounce house packs a lot of fun into a small space.

Bounce House                                                            1 Day $125.00                                                                                       2 Day $200.00 Setup/Teardown Per Bounce House                                     $45.00


If your ceremony is in need of a little extra decoration, our wicker archways are the perfect addition.

Narrow 2 Piece Wicker Archway                                          $35.00  7 Piece Wicker Archway With Plant Stands                        $30.00

                                                Dunk Tank

An easy way to add excitement or raise money, no fair or festival is complete without a dunk tank.

Dunk Tank                                                                     1 Day $90.00                                                                                         2 Day 150.00

                                                   Ice Bin

When you are in need of a simple way to keep cans and bottles cool during the hot summer, look no further than our ice bin.  Requires approximately 100# of ice.

Ice Bin With Stand                                                                    $8.00 

                                                  Ice Table

Great for keeping food and beverages cool during an event, requires approximately 75# of ice to fill.

Just Ice Table                                                                          $40.00  Ice Table With Black Skirt                                                      $66.25 

                              Generators/Power Distribution

If your event is in a remote location without access to power, we offer quiet run generators and power distribution boxes to power your event.  We have different sizes to power just a few lights, a band/DJ, or your entire wedding.

Quiet Run 2000 Watt Generator                                            $70.00  Quiet Run 5500 Watt Generator                                          $180.00  30 Amp Power Distribution Box                                               $50.00  50 Amp Power Distribution Box                                               $85.00  100′ 8 Gauge Power Cord                                                       $75.00

                                            Table Coverings

We offer a plastic fitted table cover that makes covering your tables quick and easy.  Please see our Table/Chair page for more information.

                                         Portable Restrooms

Modern Rentals has portable restrooms for your event.  Our restrooms come complete with a built in sink, soap dispenser, paper towels, four rolls of toilet paper, and a garbage can.

Portable Restrooms                                                                   $95.00